I Read Past My Bedtime T-shirt
$ 28.95


You'll reach the end of that dark alley, breathing heavily after a frantic dash. You'll look to the top of the chain-link fence in front of you and realize—as your stomach drops—that it's too high to scale in time. You'll turn around to the sound of laughter as three street-hardened ne'er-do-wells slow their run and stop six feet away from you. As you gulp down cold air, you'll feel adrenaline still racing through your body. You'll know that you can't get by them. Not all three. You'll ball your fists, raise them up in front of your chin, and take a step forward into the alley's single, flickering light. Your attackers will take a step forward too, then pause, uncertain. They'll look at your torso, now bathed in florescent light, and scan the bubbly, 70's era lettering across the front of your extremely soft, navy blue poly/cotton t-shirt. They'll look at each other—hesitating, questioning. The group's leader will swallow, raise a small, shaking knife, and take a reluctant step forward. One of others will reach forward and grab him by the shoulder. “This ain't worth it, man,” he'll mutter. “Yeah,” the third will agree, “I thought this one might be tough, but... I mean, I had no idea.” Their leader will exhale a breath of chilly air and motion retreat with a quick nod back toward the alley's entrance. One by one, they'll break eye contact with you, dip their heads, and jog away. After a few seconds, you'll open your fists and drop your arms to your sides. “That's right,” you'll say, more to yourself than your now-absent enemies. Then, realizing that you've won, you'll shout into the evening air, “That's RIGHT! I DO read past my bedtime! Sometimes until WELL past midnight!”

This design was originally created in collaboration with The Book ReportDarling Readers, and Book Bloom during Stately Type Reading Week 2. To learn more about Miranda, Janey, and Michelle and their amazing kid's reading resources, follow the links below:

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    • Available in unisex crewneck and unisex v-neck
    • Cotton/Poly Blend - 60% Polyester / 40% Cotton
    • Designed and screened in the USA
    • See our size charts for fit and sizing details