Isle of Sewlandia Print
$ 24.95

The Maker Valley Isle of Sewlandia print features a map of the mythical island where sewing and quilting are part of the landscape (Sewlandia!) as a 12" x 12" matte, museum-quality poster printed on durable, archival paper.

Visit Sewlandia today! Scale the mountains of fabric and the peaks of sewing happiness. Explore the depths of fabric stash cave (don't get lost in there!). Experience the rapids of the River of Caffeine on your way to the Waves of Distraction. Be careful not to end up shipwrecked on the Island of Unfinished Projects (not shown to scale on this map—reports indicate that the island is MUCH larger). Witness a blessing of Notion Narwhals as they breach off the cost of Warm Beverage Beach.

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  • 12" x 12" matte, museum-quality poster
  • Printed on durable, archival paper