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Welcome to Stately Type Holland Week! I've started working on Holland / Netherlands t-shirt designs and I'll post sneak peeks throughout the week. At the end of the week, I'll post the top designs for a vote and only the winning design will be produced and sold. As always, I need ideas! I've never been to Holland. What do you love about it? (landmarks, symbols, phrases, song lyrics, etc.)? Let me know on Instagram.

This gorgeous tulip painting is by the amazing Sarah Richards. Check out her work on Instagram at @tulippainter and on Sarah's website.

I got to meet Sarah while setting up for Beehive Bazaar last month. She's SO GOOD. For some reason, I always expect really talented artists to be a little full of themselves, but Sarah was the exact opposite—amazingly talented and totally down-to-earth. Go check out her beautiful tulip paintings! …right after you give me some Holland ideas. :)