We make collaborative apparel.

Every week, with the input of our followers, we design a new hand-lettered / hand-drawn t-shirt. Our followers vote to decide each week’s focus (e.g. california, sewing, teachers, pineapples, etc.), then they provide ideas and feedback as we create and share design options throughout the week. At the close of each week, we put the designs up for a vote (over at @statelytype on Instagram) and our followers decide which design will be produced and sold here on statelytype.com.

Follow @statelytype on Instagram if you'd like to join in!

Meet the Team

Stately Type founders David and Holly Lesue (and kids) standing in front of rows of bins holding inventory

This whole operation is run by a team of two—David and Holly Lesué (pronounced Luh-SWAY). That's us. Hi! We are the husband-and-wife team behind Stately Type—our small e-commerce apparel business that we started from scratch a back in January of 2014. As a graphic designer (Dave) and quilter (Holly) with no formal business training, we started our brand with no capital, no business plan, and no clue about running a small company. Since then, we've amassed an extremely engaged, fast-growing community of Stately Type fans/collaborators on Instagram; created over 250 original t-shirt designs; and shipped thousands of Stately Type tees to people all over the world. We’ve seen photos of customers wearing ST gear in over 20 countries on six continents. (You’re next, Antarctica!)

Dave is a graphic designer / creative director that has worked in the design industry for the past 15 years. He has worked for BYU, Riser Media, Omniture, AtTask, and Adobe. He’s currently employed full-time as the creative director at Workfront. He has presented on design and creativity at Adobe MAX, Integrated Marketing Week, and HOW Design Live.

Holly is a stay-at-home mother and avid quilter. By day, she raises four girls (ages 4-11) while managing the Stately Type warehouse (a converted bedroom full of t-shirts)—finishing, packing, and shipping hundreds of tees each month. By night, she’s a prolific quilter, sewist and Stately Type art director.