We're shutting down: Everything's on sale

Big news! We're teaming up with the amazing Moda Fabrics this week to design a tee specifically for all the makers out there—the quilters, the sewists, the fabric junkies (*cough* My wife, @holly_inez *cough*). We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming (city/state/country tees) next week, but for the next four days, it's all about the makers and it's all about Moda—we'll be designing and sharing a series of sewing-themed tees. At the end of the week, I'll put them up for a vote and only the winning design will be produced and sold. Ok guys—I REALLY need ideas! What do you love about quilting, sewing, fabric, creating, making? Favorite phrases? Design ideas? Let me know on Instagram. P.S. I can't even tell you how excited Holly is about this. Head. Exploding.