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Layer Cake Lucy quilt pattern by A Bright Corner | Quilt by Maker Valley

Just a little follow-up from my last post. I put three bindings onto three different quilts yesterday, plus I still have another one that has been waiting for me. So four. 😳 I have four quilts to bind and seemingly no time to actually sit down and do it!

Today we shipped out our August Maker Valley Quilter boxes (to our subscribers) and we are exhausted! I’m already tired tomorrow.

BTW, I loved everyone’s suggestions of shows/movies to watch, and I now have a good list to start on! Although, after my stories with @statelytype today, I feel the need to re-watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! There are so many good lines! “Thank you Grace, I think you’re wrong.” 😂

If you’re a fan of Ferris, leave me a comment with your favorite quote! I just might have to pick one and send a little something your way! #saveferris

P.S. Pattern is Layer Cake Lucy by @abrightcorner 👍😍