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Chicago Week - Wrap-up

We finished off Stately Type Chicago week by putting my three Chicago t-shirt designs up for a vote on Instagram. The votes are in and the Stately Type Chicago World's Fair City tee is the winner. It's available for preorder now. It'll be in stock and shipping mid September, 2014.

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Chicago Week - Design 3

Here's my third Chicago t-shirt design. I based it on an amazing vintage 1933 Chicago World's Fair metal tag. It's a hand-lettered gray graphic on a black poly/cotton tee.

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Chicago week - Design 2

Here's my second Chicago t-shirt design. It's based on the city's iconic (and gorgeously minimal) flag. This design is a little different from what I typically create, but I LOVE it (for the same reasons I love the flag. 

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Chicago Week - Kickoff & Design 1

The votes are in for this week's destination and The Windy City came out on top! This post officially kicks off Stately Type Chicago Week.  I'll start designing Chicago tees now and post sneak peeks throughout the week. At the end of the week, I'll post the top designs for a...

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