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Posts tagged: Lake Tahoe Week

Lake Tahoe Week - Wrap-up

To cap off Stately Type Lake Tahoe week, I put the four Lake Tahoe t-shirt designs up for a vote on Instagram. The votes are in and the Stately Type Lake Tahoe tee is the winner. It's available for preorder now. It'll be in stock and shipping early September, 2014.

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Lake Tahoe Week - Design 3

Here's my third Lake Tahoe tee design—a hand-lettered "Lake Tahoe" surrounded by the names of area points of interest (towns, camps, bays, peaks, resorts, etc.). Did I miss any important ones?

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Lake Tahoe Week - Kickoff

The votes are in and Lake Tahoe won. Welcome to Stately Type Lake Tahoe Week! I'll start designing Tahoe tees now and post sneak peeks throughout the week. At the end of the week, I'll post the top designs for a vote. The winning design will be produced and sold here...

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