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“So… How do I wash it?” 😬Whenever I gift a quilt to a muggle, er, someone who doesn’t quilt, they ask me this question. (Does this happen to you?) I've finally just decided to print my own quilt care instructions card to include along with my gifted quilts and I’ve volunteered @statelytype to help me design it. 🙌 But now we’re having a hard time deciding what to include in the instructions. What should our card say? What do you tell the muggles when they ask you how to care for a quilt? Let me know what you think on Instagram! 
Patchwork Baby Quilt Kit by Maker Valley
Patchwork Baby Quilt Kit (Aqua) by Maker Valley
P.S. This is a baby quilt I made for a friend’s baby that was born back in January. It’s now November. 😔 My goal is to give it to him sometime before he turns one. This is indicative of the state of my life right now. 😂😭 We sell Baby Quilt Kits in both Aqua (pictured above) and Pink.