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Mars Week / Design Duel Wrap-up

Introducing the new Stately Type Mars Olympics tee—designed by the amazingly talented @jakeparker! Preorder it and get 20% off with code MARS20 today through Monday only. This tee will be in stock and shipping in early September. Thanks, Jake! It was an honor to duel with you this week—I feel...

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Mars Week / Design Duel - Round 3

For my last Mars design, I decided to go with a kid's tee. I've got four girls (ten and under) and we have this thing where we always say "I love you to <a different faraway place each time> and back!" so this design just clicked with me. What do...

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Mars Week / Design Duel - Round 2

Here's my second Mars tee design. It's a hand-lettered "Olympus Mons" (the famed tallest mountain on Mars) over an illustration of the mountain itself on a black poly/cotton blend tee. What do you guys think? I really like how this guy turned out! P.S. Umm… any similarities between this illustration...

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Mars Week / Design Duel - Round 1

Here's my first Mars t-shirt design of the week. It's a hand-lettered MARS monogram in white on a cranberry tri-blend. The concept behind the design: If Martians came to earth in the early 1900s and started a pro baseball club, what would their uniforms look like?    ...and here's Jake...

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Mars Week / Design Duel - Kickoff

No vote this week, guys. Instead, I've got something REALLY exciting to announce: The first ever Stately Type Design Duel! This week, I'm going head-to-head in a t-shirt design showdown against the insanely talented Jake Parker (Instagram, Facebook, Website). We'll both be designing and posting t-shirt mock ups throughout the week....

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