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Seattle Week - Wrap-up

To cap off Stately Type Seattle week, I put the three Seattle t-shirt designs up for a vote on Instagram. The votes are in and the Stately Type Seattle Anchor tee is the winner. It's available for preorder now. It'll be in stock and shipping late August, 2014.

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Seattle Week - Design 3

Here's my third Seattle design—"Let's Go to Seattle Wash." hand-lettered on an illustration of Mt. Rainier in navy on a light blue tri-blend tee.  

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Seattle Week - Design 2

Here's my second Seattle design—an anchor illustration combined with a hand-lettered "Seattle Wash. USA" on a navy blue poly-cotton blend tee. What do you guys think?

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Seattle Week - Kickoff

Every week, I design a new location-themed t-shirt. ...ok, almost every week. To kick off each week, I ask my Instagram followers to vote on the week's destination—they can cast a vote for any US city, US state, or country in the world. The place that picks up the highest number...

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