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2x4 Quilt in Portland

I finished my 2x4 Quilt and brought it with me to Portland last week because #mvhavequiltwilltravel! 😁 One evening @statelytype and I hit up Blick Art Supplies when I spied this cool black and white wall and decided that I’d be back for a quilt pic. I finished binding it Friday night while...

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Working on my 2x4 quilt

I owe big-time hugs & kisses to @statelytype for giving me guilt free “me time” this weekend so I could work on this quilt! And just for the record, Dave never makes me feel guilty, it’s all self inflicted. Anyway, this quilt is called “2x4” and is a free tutorial on @filminthefridge’s blog....

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New Project: Film in the Fridge's 2x4 Quilt

Well, I started cutting out a new quilt last night. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It must be because I don’t have any other WIPs (works in progress) right now. OH WAIT, I DO. I have three others that I very recently started, plus two more older WIPs! 😂 The quilt I’m making is @filminthefridge’s...

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